REVER SPA Valentine's Bath Bomb Gift Set

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This is a Valentine's Day exclusive bath bomb gift set, featuring 4 bath bombs in the shapes of flowers, love letters, lips, and hearts with essential oils to provide a superior bubble bath spa.

These bath bombs are with surprise inside, specially enhanced with romantic love notes to create a truly memorable experience. Not only will they moisturize your skin, but they will also provide a delightful and heartwarming bathing experience.

❀Flower Bath Bomb: This flower-shaped bath bomb releases a captivating floral fragrance, enveloping you in a blissful ambiance. As it fizzles and dissolves in the water, it unfurls a hidden love note, expressing affectionate words that will make your heart flutter.

✉Love Letter Bath Bomb: Immerse yourself in the essence of love with this bath bomb shaped like a heartfelt message. Its gentle aroma sets a romantic mood, and as it melts away, it reveals a small rolled-up love note, reminding you of the beautiful connection you share.

👄Lips Bath Bomb: Dive into a playful and passionate bathing experience with this lip-shaped bath bomb. Its fruity fragrance revitalizes your senses, and when it dissolves, it unveils a tiny slip of paper imbued with a sweet and tender love message.

❤Heart Bath Bomb: This heart-shaped bath bomb symbolizes love and tenderness, infusing your bath with a mesmerizing scent. As it fizzes gently, it releases a concealed love note, adding a touch of romance to your pampering session.

    Indulge in the ultimate Valentine's Day bath with this special bath bomb gift idea. It would be a pampering bath gift for your love. With each unique shape and scent, you'll enjoy the moisturizing benefits while discovering heartfelt messages that will make your bath experience both luxurious and filled with love. 

    Sweet Almond Oil, Tremella Fuciformis Extract

    Remove bath bombs from package, put in warm water for a bathing.

    Cleasning, Relaxing, Moisturizing

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    It colors the bath water and some of the primary color ones leave a color residue around the edge of the tub— I had to towel it off.But they do not permanently stain the tub. Depending on the color they might leave a soap scum residue that is easily rinsed/cleaned off.

    The fizz happens until the bomb is completely dissolved. They are closer to 20 minutes. I’ve never actually timed it.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Qinwen WU
    So Amazing!

    This bath bomb set is soooooo amazing!
    I used the heart one! It has a delicate flora scent, and when it is in water, the water would become a barbie pink!!
    So lovely!!