REVER's Scent


Amber Citrus

As the gentle breeze wafts through the window, it carries the aroma of citrus.

As the morning sun begins to rise, in the state between half-dream and half-awake,

A ray of light peeks through the window curtain,

Light is without fragrance, but the wind carries the spirit and invites a fragrant feast.

I wonder if it's geranium, bitter orange leaves, or orange blossoms that are at play,

The taste of early morning surges and penetrates deep into the heart.


West Paeonia

The romantic scent of flowers and fruits, replicated from dreams.

When the first abstract artist, Clint, painted his dreamlike paradise,

He must have also smelled the same sweetness.

The fragrance of flowers sneaks into dreams,

Ripe pears wrapped in refreshing jasmine,

Falling and sinking along the way.

The sun has risen high, yet the sweet dream remains unfettered,

Clint continues to paint.


Rainforest Moss

The ethereal and silent scent of the forest after rain.

Escaping the noise and clamor, heading straight to a hidden forest sanctuary,

Emotions flowing calmly with the breath of the flora,

The scent of pine mingling with the coolness of soil and moss,

As if trying to seep into the skin,

This world is just too loud,

Right now, hiding here feels just right.


Clear Sakura

The scent of early blooming cherry blossoms in spring, veiled in the mist of water vapor.

As flowers bloom according to the season, the cherry blossoms understand spring the best.

They lack the intensity of summer, the heaviness of autumn, and the calmness of winter.

Instead, they possess the unique lightness and comfort of spring.

With the spring breeze blowing,

The dew-kissed cherry blossoms gently fall upon cheeks and descend to the ground.

Lowering one's head and taking a look, this is the essence of spring.


Yuzu Vetiver

A moonlight-like gentle woody grapefruit fragrance.

A qualified bedtime fragrance should be as gentle as moonlight,

It should be like the sheer veil in Sandro Botticelli's "The Adoration of the Christ" painting,

Elusive, mysterious, and unpredictable.

Gradually, in this game of hide-and-seek between you and the fragrance,

The woody scent of vetiver marks the end of this unfinished story.


Juniper Cedar

The warm and mellow woody aroma infused with the scent of mulled wine.

Do you still remember the initial bitterness and spiciness of the juniper berries in the mulled wine?

As the fragrance disperses in the air, the notes of amber and cedarwood begin to emerge, balancing the bitterness with a sweet aftertaste.

Indeed, this is a celebration of the journey from bitterness to sweetness.

If you have ever exerted your utmost effort for something,

I believe you will understand the beauty within.


Iris Musk

Subtly powerful French powdery aroma.

Indeed, it is often said that French women understand the art of allure and playing hard to get.

Just like the iris conceals its floral aroma within its roots,

The bright fragrance of violets becomes indistinguishable from that of the iris.

And it is in these subtle progressions that ambiguity emerges beneath the surface.

As the fragrance of lilies of the valley fades away, the intense musk begins to prevail.

Isn't this precisely the feeling of our hearts being thrown into chaos, like a startled deer?


Smoky Leather

The smoky sweet woody scent of rebellious self-expression.

In that fleeting moment that seems both familiar and unfamiliar,

I smell the lingering sweetness of dried preserved plums and close my eyes, a smile playing on my lips.

A multi-layered, intensely warm smoky woody fragrance,

Swiftly following, like a storm unleashed,

In that moment when my body dances uncontrollably,

I start to understand what they mean by "rock and roll is being true to oneself."