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Bored with normal daily shower schedule? Now you can try REVER Shower Jelly, auto-foaming body wash formulated with natural oils and extracts which not only provide nourishing and relaxing effects but also smell great. Auto-foaming jelly texture performs so well when it kisses your skin, giving you a perfect essential oil bath experience before bedtime. Infused with a blend of pure nutritions, including sakura extract, cherry blossom extract and sodium hyaluronate, this magic jelly can give a brilliant and self-treating body skincare. Sakura blossom fragrance (SPRING VACATION) brings the fresh sakura breeze slightly on your skin.

Sakura Extract, Cherry Blossom Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate

Pump an appropriate amount of gel onto your palm, and it will transform into rich and dense foam.
Gently massage the body skin with the foam, and then rinse o with clear water.

Refreshing, Hydrating, Cleansing

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It colors the bath water and some of the primary color ones leave a color residue around the edge of the tub— I had to towel it off.But they do not permanently stain the tub. Depending on the color they might leave a soap scum residue that is easily rinsed/cleaned off.

The fizz happens until the bomb is completely dissolved. They are closer to 20 minutes. I’ve never actually timed it.

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