REVER SPA WONDERLAND - The Artistic Beauty of Bathing

Dec 25, 2023Qinwen Wu

When my body was gradually enveloped by intensely hot water, reaching up to my neck and making it nearly impossible to stand, the world appeared to genuinely quiet down in that moment. I have always enjoyed allowing my body to relax while my mind wanders far away in a bathtub filled with scalding water, much like Esther Greenwood in Sylvia Plath's novel. In those moments immersed in the bath, I contemplate the existence of unconditional love and ponder unrelated thoughts, such as the number of teeth an Icelandic pony has...

Surprisingly, I've never really considered the act of bathing itself. Today, REVER SPA wishes to delve into the concept of bathing—exploring the realms our imaginations can reach while immersed in the bath.







Why do we all enjoy taking baths, even though they are not cost-effective?

 While taking a bath can effectively remove dirt, we acknowledge that showering is more time and water-efficient. Although baths can enhance blood circulation, we recognize that engaging in high-intensity interval exercise for the same duration yields superior results. The addition of an essential oil-rich bath bomb may moisturize the skin during a bath, but it might not match the moisturizing effects of directly applying a layer of moisturizer to the body.


According to the philosophical theorem of "existence is reasonable," I believe bathing holds spiritual value. In alignment with this perspective, Ikumino Sayoko from the Japanese drama "Bathing Girl" seems to concur. She considers bathing the most profound healing invention of mankind, finding the bathtub experience more comforting than any other. In those moments, all the things that weigh her down dissolve, becoming insignificant.


Part 2

Taking a bath is an art

People appreciate "useless" art because, in some way, they recognize themselves or the world in the creations. REVER suggests that taking a bath is also an art, echoing the sentiment found in appreciating art. When I indulge in a bath, I cast aside the aesthetic judgment; during those moments, I am acutely aware of the simple truth that "I can only be the protagonist of my own life."

You can "fly into space" in the bathtub and overlook the clouds and sea of the Earth, with REvER SPA Planet Bath Bomb Set.


I adore observing the interplay of light and shadow cast by water waves on the ceiling, witnessing a new world emerge as the textures, colors, and cracks seamlessly blend together. I find joy in fixating on the bath bomb with furrowed brows, attempting to momentarily freeze time. Taking a bath, to me, is an art that involves the dance of light and the manipulation of time. 


I aim to capture a specific moment, raising the bath bomb high before it dissolves into sand, and watch as the water mirrors the characteristics of wind, resembling the enduring rocks of the Gobi Desert. In an instant, it seems to sway through millions of years of existence. I cherish this art of random and unstable fluctuation, as each occurrence is as unique and unrepeatable as life itself.


When humans are utterly fatigued, the bathtub metamorphoses into a vast, plush entity, crafting a parallel world of its own. Amidst the warmth of 40 degrees Celsius and the mesmerizing dance of bath bombs, we gain clear insights into ourselves and the world. Similar to the comfort and awe elicited by great works of art, an artistic bath experience might prompt you to recline in the tub, sigh, and realize that there's nothing insurmountable.




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